Organization and flexibility of the service allow EFFEGI ENVIRONMENT to meet the needs of public and private customers, rationalizing the planning of interventions in order to achieve a high level of perceived quality.

Innovative cleaning methods, combined with latest generation machinery and the quality of the products used, allow us to offer the best service and significantly reduce execution times.

I killed him ENVIRONMENT in carrying out the civil cleaning activity, industrial and hotel, only use products with the label Ecolabel UE, quality mark of the European Union that distinguishes products, which, while guaranteeing high performance standards, are characterized by a reduced environmental impact during the entire life cycle and guarantee particular attention to people's health and safety.

Hotel cleaning

Born from direct and exclusive experience in the hotel sector, the society, has reached a degree of specialization and professionalism such as to be able to manage the complete cleaning of hotel facilities. Thanks to the acquired skills, thanks to the experience and professionalism of our staff we are able to offer a service based on the highest levels of quality, flexibility and professionalism. The Effegi Ambiente, specialized in planning department management, in the management of common areas and porterage, is able to promptly and perfectly adapt to the variable needs of the hotel structure.


  • Drafting of an ad hoc technical specification for each hotel that fully responds to the different needs
  • Contractual definition of the start time of the works and the time of delivery of the rooms at the departure and at the stop
  • Availability 24 hours on 24 of an area manager, for last minute occupational changes
  • Ruler, always present in the hotel, who coordinates the staff and maintains relations with the hotel
  • Perfectly trained staff, to which continuous refresher courses are held, specific to the task performed
  • UNI EN ISO certified organizational and control methods and processes 9001:2015
  • Use of ecological products with Ecolabel certification
  • Insurance policies to cover any damages

Civil cleaning

Thanks to the acquired skills, thanks to the experience and professionalism of our staff we are able to offer a service based on the highest levels of quality, flexibility and professionalism.

Effegi Ambiente guarantees a high standard of hygiene and sanitation services, in civil and commercial environments, using low environmental impact products, advanced technologies and latest generation machinery and respecting working hours and the confidentiality of the premises.                                                                          

In addition to sanitizing environments such as desks, seats, floors and bathrooms, the utmost care is also reserved for the disinfection of the smallest details such as handles and telephones (areas more subject to contact and consequently to contamination).

The same, follows precise technical-operational criteria and a meticulous methodological procedure to always guarantee a highly professional result. Useslatest generation technologies and equipment to offer a cutting-edge service in every aspect.

Industrial cleaning

I killed him ENVIRONMENT provides for the industrial sector, cleaning services for establishments, processing areas, warehouses and outdoor areas with the use of professional equipment and low environmental impact products.

The goal is to guarantee small plants, as well as to large industrial centres, the highest level of service in the shortest possible time, with targeted and specific interventions, that can optimize the cost-benefit ratio.

These cleaning services we provide, they are highly specialized and follow very accurate guidelines. For the performance of the service, the staff is carefully trained so that they are able to use specific machinery and can deal with particular environments.

MOVING sector

We specialize in moving and logistics activities, internal and external porterage, goods handling, including dangerous goods, transport and removals.

Each of our services is studied, proposed and activated on the basis of customer needs, which requires professionalism and efficiency.

An excellent porterage service requires specific human skills, care for the goods handled and means suitable for their handling.

Our porterage services:

  • Goods handling
  • Manual and mechanical porterage
  • Furniture disassembly and assembly
  • Collection of denials and various materials for the purpose of recovery and treatment
  • Preparation of sporting events, congresses and shows
  • Hotel porterage
  • Packing and labeling
  • Archive management and documentation cataloging
  • Minor maintenance and carpentry interventions

Our staff has been duly trained for each type of handling and is in possession of:

  • Certificate of Health Suitability for the job
  • High Risk training certificate art. 37 D.Lgs. 81/08
  • Certificate for loading and unloading dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Supervisor training certificate
  • Firefighter certificate
  • Certificate in First Aid and emergency management service
  • Training certificate for operators of self-propelled industrial trolleys

The society, is registered with the CCIAA of Rome in the CLASSIFICATION BANDS OF PORTERAGE COMPANIES. She is also registered:

  • In the Register of Environmental Managers (category 2 Bis)
  • On the White List at the Prefecture of Rome


The green area maintenance service includes a series of activities aimed at keeping the same areas efficient, under different profiles such as: the agronomic technical profile, of security, of functionality, of fruition, of hygiene and aesthetic decorum.

We carry out green maintenance services for private and public clients, which they understand:

  • Grass mowing works
  • Maintenance of irrigation systems
  • I shred grass
  • Bush clearing
  • Foliage collection
  • Planting flowers
  • Fertilization
  • Pruning bushes, hedges, ornamental shrubs and trees
  • Weeding weeds
  • Installation and regeneration of turf, hydroseeding and phytosanitary treatments


Our strength lies in preventing as well as treating…

I killed him ENVIRONMENT has chosen to take care of the customer in many respects, for this reason it has decided to offer support against infestations by providing pest control services to companies.

These services consist of a combination of activities involving the organization and pest control planning. Specifically, the company carries out:

  • Prevention, pest monitoring and control
  • Deratizations
  • Pest control
  • Disinfections
  • Deblatization

Committed to the quality of services, Effegi Environment, strives to provide effective and lasting solutions, using the most advanced techniques and equipment in the industry, and methods that are effective and safe for people, the environment and non-target animals.

The process that the Company implements, through the application of its Integrated Pest Management model (certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IN 16636) include:

  • Infestation sampling and monitoring;
  • Identification of the weed species with study of its ecology;
  • Estimate of the population and comparison with the tolerance levels present and verified as admissible in each specific reality;
  • Application of Integrated Pest Management procedures, in which biocides are taken into consideration only in indispensable cases and where first of all policies are implemented to prevent the penetration of the parasite within the site, linked to tools for trapping;
  • Monitoring of the results obtained and consequent adaptation of the procedures adopted at each site.

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