Experts in Facility Management activities

I killed him ENVIRONMENT was born in May 2021 from the will of Professionals to combine the experience gained over the years 20 years in various service sectors, to meet the needs of public bodies and private companies that require high levels of efficiency, expertise and cost containment . Under the direction and coordination of a serious and reliable management, the company is today a reality in integrated services in various sectors . In fact, the combination of multiple experiences allows the company to offer a wide range of services on the market in the field of Facility Management for the outsourcing of customer activities carried out in civil structures, industrial, hotels and schools.

Our philosophy, based on the particular attention to Quality, to Safety and respect for the Environment has had an excellent response on the market, in terms of exponential increase of services entrusted to us .

QUALITY': Our policy has been established in relation to the internal and external context of the organization to deliver to Customers, services that meet the agreed requirements and meet their needs, at minimum cost and with maximum efficiency.

SAFETY: The Company promotes the culture of Safety and Health within the workplace, considered as an essential value, to be disseminated through continuous staff training and aimed at compliance with the legislation of Legislative Decree. 81/2008 and all the measures envisaged by internal procedures and regulations.

ENVIRONMENT: In carrying out its activities, the Company requires from Managers and Employees full compliance with the laws of Environmental Protection. It contributes to the sustainable development of the territory through the use of the best available technologies, constant monitoring of business processes, as well as the identification of solutions with a lower environmental impact.

I killed him ENVIRONMENT guarantees organizational efficiency and operational effectiveness through the clear definition of the levels of responsibility and competence.

Ours is a linear organizational structure that has advantages such as unity of command, the speed of execution and the clear definition of activities and responsibilities.

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